Get To Know Paul Callaghan

We’re so pleased to announce Paul Callaghan as our very first IdHAIR UK Influencer!

Paul has been a stylist for 17 years and specialises in hair painting techniques, blonding and vivid colours. He is based in Glasgow, Scotland and works solo within a popular aesthetic clinic.

He discovered IdHAIR UK through social media two years ago and wanted to try the products for himself, especially Hair Paint.

To no surprise, it didn’t take him long to fall in love with our products!

“Seeing the evolution of IdHAIR UK and the new products over the past two years has kept my independent stylist heart fulfilled!”

Paul loves the fact that IdHAIR UK is exclusive to professionals and it isn’t a ‘run of the mill colour line’. Hair Paint Ink has changed the way he approaches colour corrections and he is also now able to create prescription colour for all his clients.

“I also love education so I was drawn to the educators naturally when I discovered IdHAIR UK. With Lyndsey being an instant go-to, her technical knowledge is INSANE so I felt re-inspired.”

We’ve loved seeing Paul share lots of content with our products so it’s great to have him on board!

“I posted a ton about IdHAIR UK and asked if I could get a seat at the table and create content for the brand!”

He will feature on our socials, especially Instagram by sharing formulas, techniques and tips and tricks. If you have any requests please do contact Paul or leave a comment on any of our Instagram posts. Make sure you’re following Paul Callaghan Hair.

Christmas nails with Halo

It’s December which means Christmas nails!

This time of the year is the perfect excuse to use as much glitter as possible! Especially glitter nail polish. Here at Trade Hair Supplies, we offer a wide range of Halo Gel polishes – over 100 to be exact. 💅

So you’ll be sure to find your favourite shades. For the festive season, we’ve selected our go-to polishes from the Christmas Halo collections. With great names from Frosty, Candy Cane, Cranberry, Gold Leaf and many more.

Below we’ve selected our top 5 Christmas Halo nail designs. ✨

Which one is your favourite? 😍

Do your clients prefer pink and gold glitter or cute Christmas nail art? 💖🎄

Make sure to stock up for party season! Shop the full range now by clicking below.

A Colourful Christmas With Matrix

Matrix is celebrating Christmas in a vibrant and colorful way with seven unique gift sets from the Total Results Collection.

Total Results is the go-to professional haircare brand that provides hyper-targeted solutions for universal hair needs. Each Christmas gift set offers a hyper-targeted solution for common hair issues, such as breakage from lightening, unwanted undertones and preserving curls and coils. So there is a gift set for each and every one of your clients to cover each hair type.

You have specialist care for your blonde clients with new Unbreak My Blonde to treat over-processed hair and So Silver to enhance silvers and platinum.

There’s also specialist care for coloured hair with Brass Off on balayage and lightened brunettes and also Keep Me Vivid to maintain coloured hair.

For clients who are looking for every day professional care the range also includes High Amplify, Moisture Me Rich and Color Obsessed.

Each gift set includes a 300ml Shampoo & Conditioner + a 30ml Miracle Creator.

RRP: £26 buy now for only £14.

matrix gift sets

SoColor’s Pre-Blended Formulas Make Hair Change-Ups Easier Than Ever

To help make colouring your clients’ hair easier than ever, Matrix has added a pre-blended formula, with background and reflect in one tube, to neutralise even the most complex pigment for a true-to-tone result on every base.

Hair colours and textures in the UK and Ireland vary greatly but by using our pre-blended formulas we’ve taken the guesswork out. When it comes to colour, Matrix is the most inclusive brand in the professional industry and, as we expand our palettes to welcome new clients to achieve their desired colour, you’ll be able to welcome more clients into your salon. And our new and improved Pre-Blended formulas support you in creating the perfect colour every, single, time. Find out why you’re going to love using our pre-blended SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas below.

Why do the pre-blended formulas have background and reflect?

Our new updated palette of pre-blended formulas contain background and reflect to neutralise every base – controlling the warmth on every colour, every base and every underlying pigment.

Will these new pre-blended boost my business?

Yes! Matrix is the most inclusive colour brand, and the pre-blended formulas enable you to create colour for so many different clients. You can use this launch as an opportunity to expand your client base with new, more diverse hair types, textures and colours. Our pre-blended formulas can help you boost your business because you can guarantee the perfect colour result – controlling the warmth on every colour, every base and every underlying pigment – every time.

What is background and reflect in the new pre-blended formula?

Background provides a blended natural result. The background acts as an “anchor” or “base” for each shade, as well as contributing to the “depth” of the colour. Our pre-blended backgrounds are optimally calibrated with warm and cool dyes for a true tone-to-tone result on every base, giving you the perfect canvas every time! The deeper levels in the pre-blended series have a deeper brown background. At medium levels, you will find a light brown background and at lighter levels, you will find a tan or beige background.

Background Facts:

  • Not all colour lines have background
  • Not all shades have background
  • Not all background is created equal – some colour lines have gold background, some have black to grey

Reflect (or tone) is pure tone colour, meaning no background or natural base is incorporated.

Reflect Facts:

  • Reflect shades with no background are best for vibrant results
  • Most shades have reflect
  • Reflect is also commonly known as “tone”

Do the pre-blended SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas give me more freedom?

The levels of background and reflect in each colour have been expertly decided for you, giving you complete creative freedom. You get the best results – perfectly matched, seamless colour – that lasts and fades on tone. For example, in SoColor 7C (blended collection) it is formulated with both a black/tan background and a copper reflect, providing a natural copper result. Whereas, in SoColor 7CC+ (reflect collection) it is formulated with little-to-no background. Instead, it contains copper reflect, providing a vibrant copper result.

Our pre-blended formulas work on all levels from dark to light, on all underlying pigments from warm to pale, on all diameters of hair from fine to coarse and on all pattern from straight to zig-zag, making Matrix one off the most inclusive brands out there. The pre-blended formulas will enable you to help any clients achieve the colour of their dreams, by offering neutralisation for any hair type, texture or colour.


WELCOME BACK! I hope you have settled back into work nicely and are enjoying being reunited with your clients after a tough couple of months! I’m here again today to share with you some post-lockdown advice that I have gathered from some fellow hairdressers, after learning more about their experiences since getting back to work.

We know that every stylist is different, so I’ve rounded up some tips and tricks from various types of hairdresser that hopefully you can relate to. Read on and enjoy!

Q: We all know that the past year has been incredibly challenging for our industry. How important is self-care for stylists and can you share some of your personal experiences?

Salon Owner:

Having returned three times to a tsunami of people, I have not allowed myself to be crazily booked up. I have not worked late nights and have had days off to look after my mental health. I can honestly say that my mind was not on the money- I was anxious this time, so I’ve tried to ease myself back into work and not overwhelm myself.

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

Self-care is something all stylists must put first. If we don’t invest in ourselves, we are unable to give our best to our clients. It’s like what they say: in case of an emergency on the plane, put your mask on first.

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

Self-care is extremely important: we need to look after ourselves in these uncertain times, so I’ve certainly learned to not be too hard on myself and know when it’s time for a break!

Home Salon Owner:

It’s very important for stylists to feel confident and positive. We must feel comfortable, safe, and protected at work and take time off even though we have been off for so long.

Q: It’s certainly been a whirlwind over the past few weeks for us- do you have any tips on how to structure your weeks back at work, i.e. spacing out clients, posting on social media, etc.?

Salon Owner:

I have truthfully lost my way with social media posting: just thinking about content makes me want to melt down, so I have not done much at all! I have always worked on a one-on-one basis during COVID times… I did however increase my prices to allow this to happen.

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

Work out your days off and stick to them and book your clients in advance. Plan your social media posts ahead of time: there are plenty of apps that can help you with this. I also find setting reminders really helps me to structure my week so that I know when I should be posting. @viviennejohns has great tips on her Instagram!

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

My weeks are planned 6 weeks in advance: clients are booked in for an hour and a half appointment slot for a cut and blowdry, a 3 hour colour appointment for highlights or balayage and a 2 hour slot for a root, colour and ends refresh.

Home Salon Owner:

Spacing clients out is very important for everyone. Keeping space apart for both the clients and stylist ensures comfort and reduces anxiety.

Q: Do you have any tips on how re-booking services can be encouraged?

Salon Owner:

I always get my clients to rebook before leaving: I must have a 90% re-booking clientele, hence holidays and freelance days can always be managed easy. I am dropping a salon day to try to grow my massage business from home! 

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

Always book your clients in advance: this helps with diary preparation in the future and stops your clients from being disappointed that you can’t fit them in and also keeps them regular. 

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

Before every client leaves, invite them to re-book, highlighting the fact that they will get the slot that they prefer if they book 2 appointments in advance.

Home Salon Owner:

I always try and encourage re-booking as part of a self-care ritual, where my clients can take a break from their lives and enjoy getting their hair done.

Q: How beneficial have virtual consultations been and do you think they are still relevant for stylists post-lockdown?

Salon Owner:

These have helped with having a look at what stock is needed and seeing how bad things are, or a way of seeing if my clients have coloured anything themselves.

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

I still like to do a virtual consultation if I haven’t met the client or if it has been longer than expected, as this helps me to prepare myself in terms of how long I will need and to ensure that I have enough time. It also helps to manage my clients’ expectations and any anxiety they may have. 

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

I personally feel that there is no need for virtual appointments anymore as we can now see people in real life. Consultations in depth are super essential for new clients and a great opportunity to do the skin allergy alert test.

Home Salon Owner:

Virtual consultations are very important, as clients expect safe contact to reduce anxiety. I also think it is useful as stylists need to assess hair for all types of reasons: past colour, lack of condition etc.

If you are interested in virtual consultations with your clients, download Style My Hair Pro to give them the tailored experience they deserve.

Q: Everyone will respond to lockdown easings differently. Do you have any advice on how to reduce client anxiety to make them feel more comfortable?

Salon Owner:

Keep your work space professionally maintained and make them feel safe. I offered a one in one out service so that there is plenty of space in my salon.

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

It’s so important to listen and reassure your client. Talk through all their worries and offer options! Reassure your client that the consultation is on-going throughout the appointment and that they are in the best hands. Sometimes it’s best to go slowly and build up to changes. 

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

It’s highly important to follow the rules regarding COVID-19 and to show your clients that you care. Listen to the client rather than talk at them. Talk them through every stage of the process

Home Salon Owner:

Reduce anxiety by offering bespoke one-on-one services. I explain each time what’s been done for a  COVID safe environment to make my clients feel more at ease during their appointments.

Q: Do you think services have changed, i.e. have low-maintenance colour options been more popular after lockdown periods?

Colouring has changed to clients not wanting to be tied to regular appointments and wanting to go back to the time when they had balayage Once a year, I manage this by adding more colour and upselling more techniques for their next visit, then make them book before leaving.

Specialist/Bridal/Celebrity Stylist:

Balayage has definitely changed how clients are wanting lower maintenance. I try and personalise my clients’ tone or placement to help bring them in sooner. 

Mobile Stylist/Educator:

Not at all! My clients love having their bespoke current techniques and wouldn’t want to downgrade. A few have tried growing out their colours by adding lowlights into the grey regrowth but have not liked it. They have missed all that we do for them and my upgrade to a £5 add-on treatment has been a great success.

Home Salon Owner:

I have noticed no change yet in how long clients are waiting in-between services (my salon is new).

It was great to chat with these stylists and to hear all about their post-lockdown experiences and top tips! I hope that this has given you some fresh ideas as to how you can communicate with your clients, as well as the services you can offer that will make them feel at ease.

Keep going… you’ve got this!

Stay safe,

Nicola x

The Hair-Loving Reason Matrix Reformulated SoColor + SoColor Sync

The Hair-Loving Reason Matrix Reformulated SoColor + SoColor Sync

SoColor and SoColor Sync have been reformulated and are now pre-bonded— they are the products you know and love but just made better. The new formulas work harder than ever before, so you are free to colour with confidence! Damage is the #1 concern for clients when it comes to having their hair coloured, but the new new Matrix pre-bonded formulation ensures optimal condition of the hair throughout the colouring process.

Our Matrix values are centred around creating uncomplicated, high-performance solutions for all styles and all hair types. A truly inclusive brand, our products empower every hairdresser to colour with confidence. We are constantly evolving and innovating our SoColor and SoColor Sync offering, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about our updated formulas and why you and your clients will love them.

What is pre-bonded?

The new SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas have been enhanced with our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate. This unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers act as an internal bond-support system to strengthen and protect the strands during the colouring process. The pre-bonded formula helps to maintain the integrity of the hair, colour after colour*.

How does SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-bonded work?

The Bond-Protecting Concentrate has a linear network of positive charges that binds to negatively charged areas of damage in the hair. This means the formula can zone in on damage, reinforcing and repairing the weakened bonds within the sensitised cortex.

What are the benefits of pre-bonded SoColor and SoColor Sync?

By using SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-bonded formulas, you can colour with confidence because the new and improved products will help to protect your client’s inner hair structure, colour after colour* The new formulas mean that you can now offer clients, with even the most fragile hair, colour services without the fear of damage. The formulas fortify the hair for less breakage, something all your clients will love.

And where you would have previously had to add a Bonding agent into your colour, and then use a step 2 sealer at the backwash, with new SoColor and SoColor Sync, you don’t have to as the pre-bonded benefits are already inside! Helping you to save both time and money.

So Color Infographic

Why will clients want to know about the new pre-bonded formulas?

SoColor and SoColor Sync are going to be yours and your clients’ BFF. That’s because the new pre-bonded formulas enable clients to push the boundaries when it comes to what’s possible. You can have the confidence to transform their hair without fear of damage, which means you can be free to get creative and work with your clients to create a colour look they will love.

With SoColor and SoColor Sync you can colour even the most fragile strands whilst helping to protect the inner hair structure.* And, as with the previous formulas, you can assure your clients that they can expect the same shine and conditioning benefits to last up to 20 washes. Stronger, shinier hair and the colour they’ve always dreamed of—sounds good, right?

SoColor Technical Info

Does your colour brand work as hard as you do?

At Matrix, we empower hairdressers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise with the tools and self-assurance to deliver next-level looks and realise their creative and professional potential. And, our new pre-bonded formulas are another example of how Matrix is empowering you to be truly creative without barriers.

*Assessed after 7 applications on sensitized hair.

Celebrating 75 Years Of Trade Hair Supplies

2020 was a difficult year for our industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic and industry lockdowns. We feel that 75 years in business is something to shout about and we wanted to share our history with you, our valued customers, who have been an integral part of our ongoing success.

Founder Ray Sliufko Clarkes Yard Darlington

Trade Hair Supplies was founded in 1946 and was originally called Ray & Company Hairdressers Sundriesmen Ltd. Our current managing director, Garth Sliufko, is the son of one of the founding members, Ray Sliufko, who started the business with his brother Maurice in Clarks Yard, Darlington. In those days we delivered products to salons from suitcases following train journeys to local towns and cities.

1966 saw the new head office premises opened in Green Street Darlington. At this time, we also housed our sister company Radyiant Chemical Company Ltd. before their move to a specialist facility in Newton Aycliffe in 1990 under their new name of Tricogen Laboratories. With the move to Green Street came the introduction of a direct sales force using vans as the more conventional mode of transport rather than catching trains.

The following years saw the introduction of the Middlesbrough branch in 1972, Gateshead Team Valley in 1986, and Sunderland in May 2010 under the new branded name of Trade Hair Supplies. In addition, the Carlisle branch was opened in 1994 and was relocated across the road to much larger premises under the Trade Hair Supplies name in 2014.

Trade Hair Supplies is also an international company with our Swedish operation commencing in January 2004. We have branches in Gothenburg and Malmo and introduced a direct sales team into Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2013. Keeping the family theme alive our Swedish operation is run by the original founder’s grandson Guy Sliufko and the UK marketing operation is looked after by Garth Sliufko’s daughter Olivia.

After 50 years in Green Street, 2016 saw the move to our new Trade Hair Supplies Head Office on Yarm Road Business Park, Darlington. As well as being one of the largest hairdressing wholesale stores in the UK it is also our main warehouse and distribution centre. We have a dedicated training facility and conference facilities enabling us to provide a full education portfolio to salons.

THS Darlignton

In February 2017 we became the sole UK importer and distributor for the Danish IdHAIR brand which has seen continuous growth throughout the last three years. Only our Middlesbrough store is still known as Ray & Co, but they will move over to the Trade Hair Supplies name in 2021 with a store upgrade.

A key strength of Trade Hair Supplies is our team of committed people. Employee length of service is a great indicator of a good company to work for and we have this in abundance. Angie, our operations manager in Darlington has been with the company for 50 years this year and is the longest serving employee. Our Middlesbrough store manager Lee has been with us for 37 years and our Gateshead store manager Caroline 31 years. We have three key members of our team celebrating 25 years’ service in 2021: Neil our Carlisle store manager, Kevin in our Darlington store and Sue our delivery driver for the Teesside and North Yorkshire area.

We are constantly evolving as a company but will never deviate from our core values of being a customer focused, family owned, local company.



Life as a stylist may look a little different these days, but that’s no reason to fall behind on productivity… But first – let me introduce myself and give you an insight into my career as an Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel.

My obsession for doing hair started in the early ‘80s, where I cut and styled fellow students’ hair. I loved it so much that I quit school and started working in a salon. At the age of just 17, I had the opportunity to buy the salon I was training in. Unqualified and seeing myself as a young entrepreneur, there was no way I would let this chance pass me by. I was successful in my goal and had this business for 18 years. 5 years in, I was hungry to get a second salon and bought one close to where I lived. I ran both salons side by side for 13 years and loved every minute.

During my time as a salon owner, I was approached by a product company to freelance for them. This led me to start educating like-minded stylists on understanding and using the products I used (and loved) for years. I enjoyed this role so much that I then enhanced my skills to the point the company approached me to go full-time. I decided to take on the challenge and after selling both of my businesses, I accepted the job role and continued my career at L’Oréal. My passion in Hairdressing Education for the freelance indirect market has led me to become the Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel that I am today.

Now that you’ve got to know me a little more, I’m going to share some tips on how you can structure your week during lockdown. It’s a difficult time for our industry, but if you are savvy and utilise the time wisely, you’ll be more than ready for re-opening.


Start the week on a positive note and connect with your clients to let them know that you are still thinking about them. Communication remains key and now, more than ever, clients are looking to social media for updates and connection – not to mention inspo for a post-lockdown hair appointment! 

Virtual Consultations: maintaining a professional relationship with your clients may seem difficult in these times, but it’s not impossible. The best way to do that during lockdown? Virtual consultations. Prepare your questions ahead of your consultation to get an idea of how you can help your clients. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What do you love about your hair?
  • What do you want to change?
  • Could you please send me photos of the front and back of your hair?
  • These questions are sure to provide you plenty of opportunities to exercise your expertise and get your clients excited to see you again. 

Go Live: take to Instagram or Facebook and stream tutorials/how-to videos for your clients, asking them what you should cover next and keeping them engaged. This is a great way to tailor your content to what clients are personally seeking advice on. 

Keeping Connected: keep updating your clients on your reopening date, how they can pre-book and reminding them of all the care measures you have in place to prioritise hygiene and safety. And for your best clients, send them a DM to see how they (and their hair) are doing, and remind them to come see you when they can! 


Revamp Your Workspace: is there anything you could do to improve it? Perhaps a fresh new coat of paint or new chairs would make your working environment more inviting to clients when you re-open. Even the addition of a house plant can upgrade the ambiance. 

Update Your Menu & Inform Your Clients: use this time to create new service packages and enhance your menu so that you are organised for when lockdown measures are eased, and your clients are back in the chair. Keep your clients updated on any new services, perhaps express services that reduce the amount of time they need to spend in the salon if you are open, or any special offers you have coming up. You might want to encourage clients to book a package of services, such as multiple haircuts for a special price/added value or a ‘Welcome Back’ package.

Trends: tell your clients about the latest looks for the season. You can do this by sending bespoke hair colour ideas that you think they would crush- clients love a personalised recommendation!


Take “A Day Off”: remember, it’s okay to take time out for yourself so you don’t have to work every day of the week if you don’t want to. It’s important to look after your mental health during these uncertain times when you are out of work, so make sure you do this by exercising, taking a luxurious bubble bath or talking to your loved ones regularly. 


Admin Day: no one likes doing admin, but the books don’t do themselves! Use this time to do admin tasks that you normally wouldn’t be able to easily fit into your busy schedule… or perhaps you even avoid! Organise your accounts so that they are up to date and you are prepared for when you can re-open again. You could even browse different payment platforms to find the most user-friendly or best value – will you ever have time to do this again? Take advantage! 


It’s nearly the weekend! Take this time to brush up on new skills, from social media to learning a new hair technique and work on your digital strategy. Here are our 5 top tips for staying digitally relevant: 

  1. Make sure you have your Instagram account set up as a business account. This unlocks different features on Instagram and reassures clients that you are a professional;
  2. Use at least 10 hashtags in your Instagram feed posts to increase your visibility (using local hashtags will attract more local followers). Disguise your hashtags by doing them in the comment section- this makes for a more aesthetically pleasing IG feed; 
  3. Try to use Instagram Stories every day or as often as you can to remain consistent and present. You will remind clients to get in touch/book in and build stronger connections;
  4. Write captions that give value, are emotive or informative – encourage engagement by asking questions and starting conversations;
  5. Use the Instagram Highlights sections to showcase your work. The best way to impress future clients is by showing off your biggest hair transformations!

I hope that these tips have provided you with some areas to focus on so that you can structure your days and form a weekly routine for yourself. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it won’t be long until you can get back to work and do what you love once again.

Wishing you all the best x

This blog has been provided by L’Oréal Professionnel. Here at THS we have a large range of L’Oréal Professionnel products on our website. Check them out here!

Lockdown 3.0 – All The Info

In line with the latest Government guidelines our stores are all closed to help do our part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Our website will remain open for online orders which we can process safely and securely for your personal haircare and beauty needs. At this time unfortunately we cannot guarantee next day delivery. We will have staff in on Monday and Thursday every week to take phone orders (01325 467761) and process any online orders for delivery Tuesday and Friday.

If you need any help logging in, please and we’ll get you set up as quickly as possible.

Do you need financial support during this Lockdown?

One off grants have been made available for salons, we’ve listed the support the government is offering:

  • £4000 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under.
  • £6000 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000.
  • £9000 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000

What Is An INNOluxe Treatment?

Meet the secret to unlocking the hair you’ve always wanted. INNOluxe means you can be as bold as you want with your style, confident that it’s outrageously healthy.

Innoluxe’s innovative protein technology doesn’t just protect your hair during the colouring process, it repairs it and restores its strength. Building integrity within the hair’s structure, leaving it feeling thick, lustrous and healthy.

But how does Innoluxe work?


INNOluxe uses amazingly advanced protein technology to create a super strong network of sulphur bonds, repairing and rebuilding your hair and leaving it soft, strong, healthy and shiny.


INNOluxe is not just any old product to make your hair feel soft and smell nice. It is built on some seriously game-changing science, and we are going to be going over how this product is transforming the world of haircare.


Your hair is up to 91% protein. Crazy right? That is a whole lot of proteins. Proteins contain an amino acid called cysteine, and cysteine is important. Amino acids are the building blocks to compound proteins, think of amino acids as the seeds and keratin (the main protein of your hair) as the flower.

Cysteine makes up to 25% of your hair’s natural keratin and contains a sulphur atom. When you introduce one sulphur atom to another sulphur atom, they form a disulphide bond which joins the two proteins. And that, ladies and gents, is what gives your hair its form and its strength!

When you straighten, perm or relax hair, this bond is broken and then reformed with the hair pulled into a new shape. That weakens and damages hair. The bond can also be damaged by aggressive colouring, like bleaching and high-lift tint. In fact, any colour that works with a developer will challenge the structure of hair.
And like any of us, when hair is a bit delicate, it is vulnerable. There are lots of other factors that can weaken or break up those important bonds. Things like drying, ironing, or even the sun.

INNOluxe uses many different levels of exceptionally low weight proteins to reinforce the sulphur bonds, leaving hair stronger and healthier than before. On top of all that, in V2 there is the additiion of Cystine, an amino acid that delivers complete di-sulphide bonds direct into the hair, giving it unseen before strength and flexibility.

Love the sound of INNOLUXE? Well make sure you check out the full range on our website – including one of our favourites, INNOluxe V2 Elixer.

Founded in September 2015 by the team behind the KeraStraight range, INNOluxe is a British brand taking on the world. Working closely with an amazing team of scientists in Brazil, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a product can do to repair, rebuild and protect hair, so that you can keep pushing the boundaries of colour and style.