Get To Know Paul Callaghan

We’re so pleased to announce Paul Callaghan as our very first IdHAIR UK Influencer!

Paul has been a stylist for 17 years and specialises in hair painting techniques, blonding and vivid colours. He is based in Glasgow, Scotland and works solo within a popular aesthetic clinic.

He discovered IdHAIR UK through social media two years ago and wanted to try the products for himself, especially Hair Paint.

To no surprise, it didn’t take him long to fall in love with our products!

“Seeing the evolution of IdHAIR UK and the new products over the past two years has kept my independent stylist heart fulfilled!”

Paul loves the fact that IdHAIR UK is exclusive to professionals and it isn’t a ‘run of the mill colour line’. Hair Paint Ink has changed the way he approaches colour corrections and he is also now able to create prescription colour for all his clients.

“I also love education so I was drawn to the educators naturally when I discovered IdHAIR UK. With Lyndsey being an instant go-to, her technical knowledge is INSANE so I felt re-inspired.”

We’ve loved seeing Paul share lots of content with our products so it’s great to have him on board!

“I posted a ton about IdHAIR UK and asked if I could get a seat at the table and create content for the brand!”

He will feature on our socials, especially Instagram by sharing formulas, techniques and tips and tricks. If you have any requests please do contact Paul or leave a comment on any of our Instagram posts. Make sure you’re following Paul Callaghan Hair.

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